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nuSoftware are the nuBuilder specialists

nuSoftware develop, maintain and support nuBuilder. As we (nuSoftware) are the makers of nuBuilder we have gained extensive experience in providing business solutions using the nuBuilder platform.

If you require free support for nuBuilder, it is available through this website with links to our wiki and forums. However if you require commercial support please feel free to contact us at, see below for details.(How To Get Support)

We can help develop your application or provide nuBuilder development support to any degree that you require.


nuSoftware's mission is to partner with visionary organizations who wish to become market leaders within their fields, we help achieve these goals through providing streamlined information management.


Level 10,
108 King William St,


PO BOX 8104
Station Arcade,
Adelaide SA 5000


+61 8 8113 3999




Our office hours are between 9am -5pm Monday-Friday Central Daylight Saving Time. (Adelaide)

We will need either access to your site url with the globeadmin password or a copy of the SQL file sent to us via email.

Please be as clear as you can in describing your problems, drawings are also a very big help especially in describing report layouts.

We will quote on the time it will take to resolve your problem, if our quote is accepted we will require a 70% deposit to commence works.

About nuSoftware

Established since 1992, nuSoftware is a database specialist company.

nuSoftware provide Information Management Systems to SME's and departments of 10 or more staff members who have a focus on improving their internal operations. nuSoftware has also helped larger organisations by providing solutions that meet the gaps in their existing IT systems.

As a cloud provider, nuSoftware takes the risk out of cloud computing, the difference is; with other cloud providers you do not own your investment. nuSoftware's policy is that you own the intellectual property of your solution, and with the open-source nuBuilder platform you can host your application anywhere.


nuSoftware has recognized that many organizations never reach their full potential because they are limited by their off the shelf software with the added burden of paying for features they don't need. Many organisations then find themselves swamped with spreadsheets to meet the gap in their IT systems. This also creates the added risk of unprotected and unmanaged core business information. Custom software is the alternative. However this alternative has been too costly for many organisations until now. With the help of nuBuilder, the cost of custom software is significantly reduced. nuSoftware has successfully met this need within the market to a variety of clients by providing an affordable service of building Business Information Systems which meet the specific needs of each client.


  • We believe every business is unique and requires a unique solution
  • We believe change should always occur in small and manageable steps
  • We believe software systems should evolve with the business and give the ability to react quickly to opportunities.
  • We believe business core information should be in a centralized system. Information Management Systems should be able to integrate with others systems where necessary to prevent re-inventing the wheel
  • We believe customers should not need to pay for licenses and features they do not need